Closed-Loop Ph Control with Differential Sensor


Closed-loop systems and methods for controlling pH. The system includes a working electrode, a counter electrode, a reference electrode, a first ion-sensitive field-effect transistor (ISFET), a second ISFET, and an electronic controller. The working electrode, the counter electrode, the reference electrode, and a first sensing terminal of the first ISFET are immersible in an active solution. A second sensing terminal of the second ISFET is immersible in a reference solution. The electronic controller is configured to apply a first amount of current or voltage to the working electrode and determine a differential voltage between the first ISFET and the second ISFET. The electronic controller is also configured to set a second amount of current or voltage to reduce a difference between the differential voltage and a target voltage. The electronic controller is further configured to apply the second amount of current or voltage to the working electrode.

Armin Darvish
Armin Darvish
Lead Scientist

My research interests include nanosensors, nanopores, single-molecule biophysics, bioelectronics, proteomics, genomics, bioinformatics, data science, …